Project Risk Management - Project Risks

Risk Management Templates

Download these Project Risk Management templates to reduce risk on projects.

They help you to prevent risks from occurring as well as minimize their impact. There are three project risk management tools provided here. Firstly, the Risk Management Process helps you monitor and control risk when it occurs. You also need Risk Forms to ensure that each risk is documented and lastly, you need a Risk Register to help you keep track of them all, throughout the Project Life Cycle.

The first step taken towards project risk management is the creation of a Risk Management Process. This process tells you how to identify and manage project risks, step-by-step. This includes documenting each project risk, reviewing its likelihood and taking action to reduce the likelihood of it occurring.

Risk Management Process

Risk Form


To allow your team to log risks formally, you need to provide them with a Risk Form. A project risk management form is a document that describes the risk in detail, the likelihood of it occurring and the impact on the project should it eventuate. Once the form is complete, it is handed to the Project Manager to take action accordingly.

Risk Form

If you have lots of different types of risks on your project, then it can be difficult to manage. To control it all, you need to implement a Project Risk Management register. This is a detailed spreadsheet in which you log each risk and its status, through to project completion.

Risk Register