Project Closure - Project Closure Process

Project Closure Templates

These Project Closure templates help you take the steps needed to close your project quickly and efficiently. The Project Closure Report will help you handover the deliverables and documentation to the customer, terminate supplier contracts and release resources back to the business. The Post Implementation Review will help you to determine the level of project success and identify lessons learned for future projects.

The Closure kit includes both of the templates on this page

Closing a project is not as easy as it seems. You need to first ensure that the project closure criteria have been fully satisfied and that there are no outstanding items remaining. You then need to identify a release plan for the project deliverables, documentation, supplier contracts and resources. Finally, you will want to initiate a communication plan to inform all project stakeholders that the project has now been closed. Each of these activities and many more are described in this Project Closure Report, ready for immediate download.

Following the closure of any project, you should always review its overall success by undertaking a Post Implementation Review. This review helps you to determine whether the project delivered the business benefits, met the customer's requirements and remained within scope and budget. It will also help you determine whether the project conformed to the management processes identified, such as Change Management and Quality Management. This comprehensive template will help you undertake a Post Implementation Review quickly and efficiently.