Post Implementation Review - Post Project Review

Post Implementation Review


Post Implementation Review


Post Implementation Review

template will help you to perform a post project review for your project, soon after it has finished.

By performing a post project review, you can identify the project successes, deliverables, achievements and lessons learned.

The post project review is the last critical step in the project life cycle, as it allows an independent party to validate the success of the project and give confidence to the stakeholders that it has met the objectives it set out to achieve. Now includes both English and 简体中文!

This template helps you perform a Post Implementation Review by:

  • Measuring the benefits and objectives
  • Deciding whether the project was within scope
  • Assessing the final deliverables produced
  • Reviewing the project against schedule
  • Comparing the expenditure against budget
  • Stating the final outcome of the project

The Post Implementation Review template also helps you to:

  • Identify the key project achievements and milestones
  • Document any lessons learned for future projects
  • Communicate its success to stakeholders

This Post Implementation Review template provides you with the steps needed to review a project and document its overall level of success. It includes all of the sections, tables and practical examples you need, to document a Post Implementation review today.


What is a Post Implementation Review?

A Post Implementation Review, or Post Project Review, is performed after a project is complete. The purpose of a Post Implementation Review is to determine whether the project was successful and identify any lessons learned. A Post Implementation Review also looks at whether the project produced the required deliverables within the agreed timeframe. The overall achievements are also documented in the Post Implementation Review report.

When to conduct a Post Implementation Review?

The best time to conduct a Post Implementation Review is between 1 and 6 months after a project has completed. By then, the project deliverables will have been handed over to the customer and the benefits of the project will be clear. A Post Implementation Review is a critical part in the project life cycle, as it's during this review that the success of the project is measured. This template includes all of the content you need, to perform a Post Implementation Review today.

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