Affiliate Program for Project Management - How it works

Affiliate Program - How it works

You can become a successful affiliate in just 3 easy steps:

step 1


Spend 3 minutes completing our Application Form to join our Affiliate Program. If you are not already a member of PayPal then sign up for PayPal first to enable us to pay you a monthly commission on your sales. We do not charge for PayPal payments however checks incur a $20 processing fee to cover clearance and postage costs.

After completing the Application Form, you will be sent an email containing login information to our Account Centre (where you can access reports).

step 2


Then visit our Banners page where you can copy the HTML code for lots of useful types of text links and banners; the code will contain your unique Affiliate ID. Then, add the code to your website. When customers click on these links, they will be directed to our website to purchase a product and earn you a commission!

Every month we will total your commission and as long as it's greater than $50, we will pay the commission to your Pay Pal account. If your commission is less than $50, then we will add the commission to your next months total for payment. (NB We need to have a $50 threshold as the transaction fees incurred for smaller payments are too high to make it viable for us to pay monthly).

By this stage, you will be actively directing traffic to our site and accumulating a sales commission.

step 3


You will then want to view reports on your sales commissions. Enter the Account Centre using the login information emailed to you.


See our FAQs page for further information.