Affiliate Program for Project Management - Earnings

Affiliate Program - Earnings

The following scenarios give practical examples of how to earn thousands of dollars per month:


John Stevens decides to signup for the Method123 Affiliate Program. After quickly completing the Application Form and adding a variety of links to his site, he is ready to go. Over his first 3 months he earns the following commissions:

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Month No. Sales Average Sale % Commission $ Commission
1 5 $178 30% $367 USD
2 20 $178 30% $1,068 USD
3 50 $178 30% $2,670 USD

How realistic is this?

Our current average sale is $178 so the scenarios provided above are very realistic. If you work hard and smart to forward the right type of potential buyers to us, then you will earn very healthy commissions.

What are the conversion rates?

Our ability to turn potential buyers into sales depends very much on the type of potential buyers you forward to us, as depicted by the following table:

Type of Potential Buyers No. Potential Buyers Conversion Rate No. Sales Average Sale Commission
Project Managers 1000 2.00% 20 $178 $1,608
Business Consultants 1000 1.80% 18 $178 $961
Project Management Students 1000 1.50% 15 $178 $801
Business Managers 1000 1.00% 10 $178 $534
Business Trainers 1000 0.80% 8 $178 $427
General Students 1000 0.10% 1 $178 $53
General Public 1000 0.01% 0.1 $178 $5

For example, if you can forward 1000 Project Managers to our site then we will typically convert 2% of them into sales. Therefore 2% of 1000 = 20 sales * $178/sale * 30% commission = $1,068. In this instance, if you forwarded 1000 Project Managers to our website, you could earn $1,068 in commissions which is $1.06 for every person you had forwarded*.

How can I earn large commissions?

We know of 2 ways you can earn extremely large commissions:

  1. Direct a large amount of the right type of traffic to our website
  2. Sell Multi-User licenses directly to companies

If you have any further questions regarding how much you can earn, then please email


See our FAQs page for further information.

*NB. The Conversion Rates and Average Sales figures provided are subject to change. Method123 can not predict, commit to or guarantee your earning potential as this depends greatly on your type of website and quality of lead referrals