Method123 is pleased to have a strategic partner relationship with TenStep for follow-up training and consulting services. TenStep helps organizations implement their goals and strategies through the successful execution of projects. They help set up an environment where projects are successful. This includes training and consulting services related to project management, program management, Project Management Offices (PMOs), portfolio management, strategic planning and much more. Organizations can utilize their full range of consulting services and their extensive curriculum of training classes. TenStep is an international company that can deliver a consistent set of products and services almost anywhere in the world. Contact them and mention "Method123" to receive a 10% discount off services.

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Online Training

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the world's most prestigious certification in project management. Since the 1990s, more than 2,000,000 professionals earned the PMP Certification provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) around the world. Based on a recent survey, Project Managers holding PMP certificate earn %14 more compared to the ones who do not have this certificate. Earning a PMP certificate is a highly recommended step for Project Management Professionals wanting to have a brighter career.

pmp certification training

The Path to PMP Certification

There are several PMP certification eligibility requirements. Anyone who is interested in PMP certification must first sit for the PMP certification exam. One of the strict requirements to sit for this exam is that the PMP candidate must have completed 35 Hours of Project Management Training.

Master of Project Academy, an online & self-paced certification training provider, provides online and self-paced certification training for IT and business professionals. They have project management courses as well.

Their Online PMP Certification Training, is $15 per month. The popular PMP Study Plan indicates that PMP training through this system typically takes 3-4 months. On a monthly subscription, PMP certification training costs just $45 to $60 through Master of Project Academy’s PMP training.

Why Choose Online PMP Certification Training?

Compared to traditional PMP classroom sessions and online PMP courses with a live instructor, online PMP certification training saves you more than 90%. It also provides the advantage of accessibility: you can access all course materials from anywhere at any time on any internet-connected device. An online and self-paced course also allows for more flexibility. Rather than having to arrange your calendar around a fixed date and time, as you would for a traditional class, you can easily schedule your course as you see fit to accommodate your unique scheduling needs.

pmp certification training

To see which PMP training method will best suit your needs, you can read a more detailed comparative overview of PMP certification classroom training, live classrooms, and online-self-paced training in the Master of Project Academy article Online PMP Certification Training: Best Way to Get PMP.

About Master of Project Academy

pmp certification training

Founded in 2012, Master of Project Academy has delivered online courses to more than 50,000 participants and business professionals in more than 170 countries around the globe. The Master of Project Academy training portfolio includes a wide range of IT and Business Management courses. They offer the following certification courses: