Documenting a Quality Assurance Plan

Creating a quality assurance plan has been simplified with one of the latest project management tools that are now available. This is the project quality management template. With this tool, you can create a functioning plan that will follow the latest known trends to success in terms of quality assurance.


The people that will use the quality assurance plan will be your quality control group. This plan will have all of the methods and procedures they need to check the quality level of your deliverable. It is the quality assurance group’s responsibility to know the scope and goals of the project so they can write the appropriate documents. These documents will be used like a set of instructions for the quality control group to follow.


Inside the quality assurance plan will be the level of quality the project’s scope demands. This does not always mean the highest obtainable level of quality. What it will indicate is the level of quality that the target audience is willing to pay for, so the price will also be acceptable.


Just like most documents, the quality assurance plan is set for the business venture you have undertaken. There is also a procedure so improvements to the process or processes can be achieved. This allows for the correct level of quality to be obtained at all times which will help to minimize the costs of operating such a project.  Constant improvement on this part of the project is needed so your organization can stay competitive and deliver what the public demands.


The quality assurance plan must also be easily understood so all members of the project team can be active participants in the deployment of the plan. This is how the best possible results can be achieved when it is in reference to quality of the deliverable.

The quality assurance plan is an active document that will be used by all members of your project team. Though the group responsible for its implementation is the quality control group, but everyone in the group should participate. The stated level of quality must be checked and maintained throughout the execution phase of the project’s life cycle, so the reputation of your organization can remain high.


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